Hi! I am SHER, Juel mahmud Sher


Not a Photographer, Just a Memory Keeper.

We can’t hold the time in present. It always ran away to the past. We can’t keep any moment with us. If we want to keep any moment with us, Only the way to keep the time is photos or videos. That’s why I call myself as Memory Keeper. Not Photographer.


Love the Nature, Love Natural Photography.

Nature is the source of all beauty to me. Nature doesn’t need any extra decoration. Itself, it is highly decorated. I always try to avoid artificial decoration in any kind of my photographs.


People Die, But Memory Never Die.

No one is immortal. Everyone must die. We will not get back the person in our life again. But we can preserve his/her memory in our hearts. There is another problem also. We can keep them in our hearts but can’t see them from the place. In that case, the only solution is photos or videos. We will keep their memories in our heart and can see them in photographs when we want. That’s why this is my words to all, Capture your loving moments in frame. Because, Memory Never Die


Finally, This is me. The MEMORY KEEPER for all. Because, MEMORY NEVER DIE


Thank You


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